Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Smith 1.25 released.

Smith is a freeware, cross-platform ColdFusion engine, written entirely in Java. Running on the top of Java Runtime Environment and Java Servlet Container, it can be virtually deployed on any operating system and work with any web server. Smith represents lightweight, yet reliable alternative to the existing ColdFusion servers.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Can you find the BUG!

This problem was post on the Flex 2 Forum. This problem only happens with the Flex 2.01 release. Can you find the bug? The answer is posted here

BUG DESCRIPTION: errorString property is causing a buggy behavior, if i set an empty String to this property in order to clean a validation error for a TextInput control then its layout changes, it gets a weird black color on its border.


&#60; mx:application><mx:textinput id="buggy"></mx:textinput><mx:button label="Show Bug" click="buggy.errorString = ''"></mx:button></mx:application>

mx_internal var origBorderColor:Number;

/** A bunch of Code Here**/

* @private
* Set the appropriate borderColor based on errorString.
* If we have an errorString, use errorColor. If we don't
* have an errorString, restore the original borderColor.
private function setBorderColorForErrorString():void
if (!_errorString _errorString.length == 0)
setStyle("borderColor", origBorderColor);
saveBorderColor = true;
// Remember the original border color
if (saveBorderColor)
saveBorderColor = false;
origBorderColor = getStyle("borderColor");
setStyle("borderColor", getStyle("errorColor"));
var focusManager:IFocusManager = focusManager;
var focusObj:DisplayObject = focusManager ?
DisplayObject(focusManager.getFocus()) :
if (focusManager && focusManager.showFocusIndicator &&
focusObj == this)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

ASDT . . are you alive?

I currently using Flash Develop as my primary Flex 2/AS3 editor and I am very happy with it but I wanted to research some alternatives. I came across the ActionScript Development Tool(ASDT) for Eclipse. Does anybody know if this project is still active? I posted a message on their mailing list but got no response. I would really like to contribute to this project. ASDT . . .are you alive?

Friday, January 19, 2007

Flex Run-Time Error with itemRenderers

Learning to use Flex 2 has been very rewarding. I have had a problem using the DataGrid control with ItemRenderers that I have not been able to resolve. I was able to reproduce the error in a small example. When adding and removing itemRenderers to a datagrid column at run-time I get a RTE. This alone does not seem to cause the RTE but I also set the datagrids dataProvider again which causes the error. You will need the Flash Player Debug version to actually see the error.You can view the example application at http://develop.gurufaction.com/flexbug/App.swf . The actual source can by found at App.mxml and LinkRenderer.mxml .

I thought I had a valid workaround when I stopped adding and removing the itemRenderer at Run-Time and just applied it to every column but I am still getting the error sometimes. My small example show the exact error I am getting so if anybody has any ideas please leave me a comment. The problem with learning new technologies is that you can never be sure if it is the technology or the programmer causing the problem. :)