Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Monday, February 19, 2007

Flex DataGrid Paging Example with Source

Many of you have requested the source to my Flex DataGrid paging example. Here it is http://develop.gurufaction.com/src/App.mxml and the example application can be viewed here http://develop.gurufaction.com/App.swf

Using Amfphp 1.9 with the Flex 2.01 SDK

I have submitted my Amfphp tutorial to HowToForge.com. I hope it gets published. Meanwhile I will post my tutorial online at http://develop.gurufaction.com/AmfTutorial/docs/app/FlexHowTo.html . I would like some feedback from the community. I have tested it but let me know if it doesn't work :) You can also preview the working example at http://develop.gurufaction.com/AmfTutorial/Main.swf

Monday, February 12, 2007

DAO Best Practices

I am currently working on a Flex 2 tutorial using AmfPhp 1.9 that I should have done by the end of the week :) While I was writing the DAO classes in PHP I stumbled upon a design issue. What should my CRUD methods return. They could return a boolean value that indicated that the methods completed successfully or I could return the new/updated value object. My example application uses a datagrid bound to an ArrayCollection of my VO's. Now upon successful completion of my CRUD method do I refresh the whole grid or just the VO that was changed? I am strongly leaning towards returning the VO. Any thoughts.