Monday, February 12, 2007

DAO Best Practices

I am currently working on a Flex 2 tutorial using AmfPhp 1.9 that I should have done by the end of the week :) While I was writing the DAO classes in PHP I stumbled upon a design issue. What should my CRUD methods return. They could return a boolean value that indicated that the methods completed successfully or I could return the new/updated value object. My example application uses a datagrid bound to an ArrayCollection of my VO's. Now upon successful completion of my CRUD method do I refresh the whole grid or just the VO that was changed? I am strongly leaning towards returning the VO. Any thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Hey man. I am looking forward to that AMFPHP 1.9 tutorial.
I believe the return value should be True if successful and False if there was an error. Or maybe you can do 0 for True and 1 thru 9 for the number of different errors that can come back as to why the SQL statement failed. Of course this should be for those statements that are not SELECT. For those as usual the record(s) should be returned.

Lots of luck,

xv15mods said...

the only problem is you might have to call ArrayCollectionNameHere.refresh() after you update the VO in order for the datagrid to display any information that might not have updated properly.

its far easier to replace the full ArrayCollection.. but in my opinion a better practice to update only what has changed.

Derek Wischusen said...

I prefer to return the VO and just update the individual object. There is a decent amount of code that gets executed when you update a collection. So I think it is more efficient just to update the object.

Mike C. said...

I included these in my VO:
private function Success($id=0,$message='')
return array(
'status' => 0,
'id' => $id,
'result' => $message

private function Failure($status=-1,$message='')
return array(
'status' => $status,
'id' => 0,
'result' => $message

For instance, I return:
return $this->Failure(-1,"Invalid Login");

return $this->Success(0,$currentUser);

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