Thursday, April 09, 2009

Flash Pivot Table Component

I've been searching for a Flex based Pivot Table component. I found one offered by FlexMonster. It looks really cool and is able to handle large datasets. There is only one small problem. I can't download an evaluation and nobody is responding to my email. If anybody knows of a better way to get a hold of the guys at FlexMonster. Let me know :)


Luciano Bustos said...

We contacted him, but the response time may vary from 2 day to 2 weeks.
Is not good for businesses "time"

Gurufaction said...

Thanks Luciano.

I hope I get a response soon.

auminski said...

Hi, we are now adding demos and trials of our newest version of Pivot Table to be downloadable online.

The Flex Pivot Table component supports different datasources (CSV, OLAP/XMLA, basic XML) and we are generating good sample data for that.

Thanks for your interest to Flexmonster. Your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated :-)

P.S. If you still haven't got the response re trial - please just let me know (I don't know your full name to check in emails).

Luca Pucci said...

I'm interested in Flex Monster Pivot Grid too, but it seems that it's impossible to download a demo version from their site. I've asked for a demo and for price information but I've received no answer. Does anyone know another full featured pivot grid component I could try ?

Roman said...

You might want to check for more demos and documentation at

auminski said...

Dear Luca, I've just sent the email with details to you. The demo version is always available for review at documentation or in Flash Pivot Table Live Demo and you can get the evaluation version as well. Thanks much for your interest, Andrew.