Thursday, November 30, 2006

Flex Paging with Page Sets

I am back. I was going to close my blog because I was not able to update it as often as I would have liked but now I have something worth posting. I noticed a blog article on Bruce Phillps' Blog that I found very interesting so I decided to expand on his Flex Paging with an example that included pages and page sets. You can preview it here.


Bruce said...

Nice modification. But when I load your demo and click on a button (say button 2) I get an error message.


David Brannan said...

Nice! View source is disabled for your app and I'd very much like to see how you accomplished your paging.

Anonymous said...

What are the chances of getting the source files? I'm in need of querying a database (lots of records in table) and displaying some of the data with option to next page as your example. I'm just diving into flex with this part of my app and if I can figure this out, will convert the whole app to flex, but so far haven't gotten the cfc/mxml to work. Any example would be greatly appreciated.Chris Tilley (tilley.chrisATepaDOTgov)

Anonymous said...

i am rahul.
i see your blog on gurufunction.
i like it but u have not give code.
plz. if provide source code also.
"Flex Paging with Page Sets".

Anonymous said...

Hello Gurufaction,
I really impressed when shown your blog about flex paging.but can u provide the src code of that.plz
Rahul dhaware

Anonymous said...

can u provide source code , please