Wednesday, December 13, 2006

SwfPlayer DNN Module

SwfPlayer is a DNN module used to embed a Flash movie into your DNN portal. I created it using SwfObject by Geoff Stearns . I modified Geoff javascript code to use the playerProductInstall.swf provided by Adobe using the "Flash Installer" setting under module settings.


Abe said...

Nice module, how do I use querystring functionality?


so.addVariable("variable1", getQueryParamValue("variable1"));

I tried adding this the variable field in the module, but I get a javascript error when it tries to render.


Danny said...

This is great because the client users will need to be able to add/replace swfs themselves on their own.

I can't figure out one thing, though.

I would like to be able to replace the contents within the flash-containing div with some html for both SEO and alternate content if the user does not have the Flash plugin or has it turned off. I don't see a setting where to change this.

Danny said...

I was able to edit the ascx file to place the html, etc. that I wanted inside the div "flashcontent", but this won't really help with reusability.

Not sure if you were planning on adding this as a feature, but would you be willing to share your .cs file so that I can tweak it to add that ability? And I'd also try to add a field to be able to edit/change the name of the containing div.

Daniel said...

I forgot to leave my email in the previous post.