Wednesday, June 20, 2007

PureMVC: AS3 Framework

Cliff Hall has developed a AS3 MVC framework called PureMVC. Unlike Cairngorm the PureMVC frameworks targets any AS3 based application including Flex,Flash, and AIR. I recently convert the Cairngorm CafeTownsend demo to use the PureMVC framework. You can download the source and view the demo app over at .


Mitch Coopet said...

How was your experience with PureMVC compared to Cairngorm?

I noticed right away that PureMVC has an easy to follow, comprehensive manual. After reading it, I felt ready to build apps using PureMVC.

I am having trouble locating the equilivant for Cairngorm and the examples that I have found don't really tell you how the Cairngorm API all fits together.

I'm very interested in your opinion given you have coding experience in both.

Gurufaction said...

PureMVC was very easy too learn if you can forget what you learned from Cairngorm. I found that knowing Cairngorm made learning PureMVC more difficult only because I was making certain assumtions. Programming Cairngorm feel like your hacking things together but PureMVC feel "Pure" and "Clean".

Dave said...

PureMVC looks awesome, I just can't seem to figure out where to start. I'm new to programming with design patterns. Is there a step by step tutorial anywhere? I'd love to get started with this. Thanks.

Gurufaction said...

Take a look at the Courseware on the PureMVC site.

mak said...

You have done a great job, i downloaded the source the demo, where i can get the original version. help me. thanks in advance.
Micky Brown
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