Thursday, July 05, 2007

PureMVC Project Template for FlashDevelop 3

I have modified the Project Manager Plugin for Flash Develop 3 to accomidate complex project templates. You can follow the process of this modification over at the Flash Develop forum . With this modification I have created a PureMVC Project template and associated Project File templates. I have posted some screenshot over at the PureMVC forum . And don't worry a Cairngorm Project template is soon to follow.


swidnikk said...

I almost have your incredible PureMVC template working... however I can't see the modifications on the create new project wizard.

Specifically, I don't see the 'class path' textbox

I downloaded the ProjectManager.dll but it throws an error when starting up flash develop beta5.

Where do I go from here?

Gurufaction said...

The dll is only beta 1 compatible. I have not had time to upgrade it to beta 5.